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We are trustworthy, honest and follow all our work. Our goal is to provide you with a carefree experience and try to answer all of your questions. You will appreciate our accessibility, direct style and the end result will be built to last! Carpentry is what we do.

All my team and I live the artisan lifestyle. we are moderately obsessed and really enjoy our profession that carries over to the work we do. There is something nostalgic about woodworking. We plan a lot behind the scenes and work hard on all of our projects. So when you realize all that effort that you and your team built with your own hands, it's surreal and addictive in some way.

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Deck or Porch Build or Replace
Deck or Porch Repair
Water Dock Build
Water Dock Repair

Carbajal Carpentry Inc

My name is Javier Carbajal and I was exposed to the construction trade at an early age. During this time I have completed hundreds of projects for high-end homeowners, general contractors. My construction, business and customer service experience totals more than 27 years. No job is too small, we do repairs and maintenance in homes and businesses. Of all sizes. If you are looking for someone who really cares about their clients and is doing the job correctly, give me a call.

All the little indiscernible details we pay attention to come together at the finish line and remain there long after we are gone. We build to make our projects look the same the day we leave the job site, even years or decades later.


  • La familia de Carbajal Carpentry

    Javier I´m going to send a separate text. Use it but please do not put my name with it on your website. Javier is hard working and dedicated to his work. He does exceptional work.

    La familia de Carbajal Carpentry
  • Sophia Gonzales
    Javier has been excellent! First he turned a really uncomfortable terrace into a beautiful space. I never would have believed possible. Then recently, I totally converted my living space to an incredible level. Fully recommended.
    Sophia Gonzales
  • David Garcia
    Javier Carbajal is brilliant and someone you really want to hang on to if you make improvements around the house. He is trustworthy, his advice is invaluable, and the work done is impeccable. He suggested me a great solution and he did an amazing job while tackling all the annoying jobs I had on my list for years.
    David Garcia
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